Home Rule & Short-Term Rentals

Home Rule is the authority provided to local municipalities in Florida by the State Legislature. That authority recognizes that cities are better able to address local problems with local solutions, with minimal state interference. With Home Rule, we -- as residents of Treasure Island -- can have a greater impact on the laws and regulations that impact us directly as members of this community.

Short-Term Rentals can be problematic for local communities such as Treasure Island. Though some hosts occupy their rentals and truly participate in the spirit of “home sharing,” a disproportionate number of rentals belong to commercial users who do not occupy their multiple property listings. Lack of enforcement allows these commercial ventures to wear down the economic and social fabric of residential neighborhoods in a variety of ways:

  • Commercialized short-term rentals are frequently operated without paying taxes that benefit the surrounding communities

  • Short-term rentals have a negative impact on the City's hotels and motels, which may taxes and fees that help support City services

  • Illegal short-term rentals attract disruptive visitors.

What is Governor DeSantis' Position?

“We’re going to be in charge of this as a state? We have 22 million people, almost. Very diverse state. For us to be micromanaging vacation rentals, I’m not sure that’s the right thing to do.”